Increased Costs In 2021 June 07 2021

We're in our 11th year of business thanks to our wonderful customers like you!

Over the last week, we have been notified by nearly every wholesale partner that currently supplies our goods that due to increased raw goods costs, production costs, and transportation costs, a sharp rise in wholesale pricing as well as higher shipping costs is inevitable. While our suppliers are holding back and absorbing as much of the additional temporary costs as possible, an average increase of 5-7% has been passed on to online and brick-and-mortar retailers like us. 

Products made of raw wood, steel, aluminum, silver, glass, and injection molded poly resin materials are among a few of the categories of products that have proven to be the most affected by these increased costs. These increases are three-fold for us as a small business since we are not only absorbing higher incoming shipping costs (since the 4-7% increases in January 2021 with all major shipping carriers) but also the higher cost of the goods, higher minimums required by our suppliers, and increased outgoing shipping costs to our customers. While we have continued passing our discounted shipping rates to our customers, we have not increased our tiered shipping rates for the past three years and at this point, we do not plan to increase shipping rates, however, this may have to happen down the road as our current shipping rates barely cover shipping costs in most instances, even for smaller packages of less than 3 lbs. to most delivery areas. Costs of packing materials, tape, and shipping boxes have also seen sharp increases in costs. However, for customer shipping that creates a loss of less than $5.00, we absorb the difference in higher shipping from our profit margin rather than raising shipping rates or even higher product prices. We only bill our customers for larger or heavier items that require over-sized rates or when shipped to an obscure delivery location that dictates much higher costs. We will continue this practice for a long as is feasible.

We have been ensured by many  of our suppliers that these price increases due to hyper-inflation in a post-COVID economy will be temporary and lower prices may come back when the "new normal" has settled things back down with the economy and foreign trade. And, of course, the geo-political atmosphere we are currently experiencing is also causing increased concern for the cost of goods globally in an unfair trading market with much market insecurity and concerns of higher risks. 

We are currently adjusting prices for products with all our suppliers and in the coming weeks will be eliminating a few more of our current suppliers while adjusting available product lines for some items that we feel may no longer be practical for us to carry that are creating high-cost overhead on incoming merchandise as well as utilizing precious warehouse space. With much regret, many of our most popular items may no longer be available after these adjustments have been made.  

As we remain a small, family-owned and operated business, we try to make these decisions with our customers' best interests at heart. We want to continue offering a wide variety of goods at fair prices with the lowest possible shipping costs. While shopping with us, keep in mind that while we can no longer offer free shipping because search engines like Google and Yahoo penalize us by restricting relevancy and viewership on search results when we offer "FREE" anything. This hurts us and other small businesses in lieu of "big tech" helping their biggest paid ads customers Amazon, eBay, and other big box stores that can afford to absorb these costs and whom receive much larger shipping discounts due to volume than we do. We are trying our best to prevent being squeezed out of the online marketplace to continue offering our customers fair and honorable pricing and policies without deceptive offers where the added costs are tacked onto the cost of products just for the sake of offering "free" anything. Many of our products are already priced at 20-25% below the manufacturer's retail suggested price to help our customers defray anticipated increased shipping costs. So, while we do not offer free shipping any longer, we do offer lower prices and our fairest shipping rates possible.

As a reminder, our products are sourced from American based companies providing American jobs and we plan to continue supporting American owned and operated businesses only. We believe that we can help keep costs down by being the solution rather than contributing to the problem. 

We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to serve our customers.

Baubles-N-Bling Owners & Staff

Annual Winter Sales Event February 03 2021

Winter is a great time to do a deep cleaning and redecorate your home. It's cold out and let's face it, you can only read so much or watch so much TV. Now is a great time to freshen up your kitchen and dining areas with some great new decor items. A simple change of accent colors, accents, deep cleaning, and re-arranging can give your home a whole new look. 

For a limited time, save 20% on select Kitchen & Dining Room decor. Choose from our large selection of canistersdrinkwaresalt and pepper shaker sets, paper towel holderswall decorbasketssigns, and more. 

Valentine's Day Specials  - Our entire selection of gold and silver jewelry is also on sale through the month of February. Go shopping here.


From our family to yours, we wish you a safe and healthy winter season and a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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This is where the shopping fun begins!

Baubles-N-Bling Emails December 12 2019

The holidays are upon us. That said, we thought it would be a good thing to talk about the emails we send out during the year. We want you to know how your email address is used to fulfill your order as fast as possible and to give you extra discounts with coupon codes and special email only offers. It's also the best way to keep you informed on the status of your order. 

The most important reason for having a valid email is to notify you of your order status. A real email address is required to ensure you can be notified if there is a question or issue with your order. Due to limited man power during the holidays, we do not call customers. No one likes email spam. We understand. We hate it too. 

This is the main reason we only send out 10-15 promotional HTML emails per year, all planned a year in advance. These email offers only go out to people that have requested Marketing or our Newsletter and submitted their email to receive them during registration or manually with our Subscribe link. We do not share our customer list with anyone. 

The emails contain special discount codes, coupon codes for our special deals, and other events not found on the site. We also do this for our Facebook page occasionally, so get on over there and friend us up for bigger savings! Visit us on Facebook at:

If you no longer wish to receive our Marketing or Subscription emails, just hit reply with the word REMOVE in the subject line or body of the email and you will be removed before the next marketing event. 

Be very careful not to mark us as spam if you have or will be ordering from us, as this may prevent your order emails from reaching you. Entities like AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail have their own modules in place that will completely block an email from even making it to your junk mail folder if they think it's spam. It is always best to add our email address,,  to your address book or safe senders list to prevent important order information from being lost. Since email is our primary source of communicating, it is important that you provide us with an email address that you actually check frequently. 

Some mail houses will actually put a block on a URL if too many people mark an email as spam, which is a tremendous feat to have removed. This means that anyone emailing us from the blocked mail house address (i.e. can't email us and we can't email them. Most people don't realize that by marking an email as spam, it's potentially getting that URL blocked from that entire mail house. The user simply thinks they're marking it as spam so it goes to their junk mail folder instead of their inbox. We encourage you, however, to mark unsolicited emails that are actually spam as appropriate. 

It is our goal to keep our customers, not drive them away. Your personal information will never be shared or sold. No one likes a spammer, period. We want you to know what to expect from us so there is no question about what we are doing with your information. If you have any questions, please visit our Contact page to get in touch.

Thank you for shopping with us. 

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and best wishes for a prosperous and happy New Year.

Baubles-N-Bling Staff

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Annual Bath Sale July 25 2019

It's that time again......... our annual bath decor sale is underway! Get FREE SHIPPING on orders of $75 or more on select items. Some limitations apply. See complete details.

For a limited time, save an additional 20% off select Bathroom Decor. Savings are immediate when you add items to your shopping cart. NO DISCOUNT CODE NEEDED! Sale prices apply only to items in the Sale category. Hurry, these offers are for a limited time only and tend to sell out quickly. Sale ends 8/15/19.

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Thank you for your business and continues support. 

Baubles-N-Bling & Staff

CLEARANCE SALE January 03 2019

2018 was a fun-filled year of changes and a handful of new suppliers with fantastic new products for our customers but as with every year, we have too many of some items still left in stock 

Mother Nature is teasing us all! April 20 2018

Hasn't this been a crazy Winter and now what is suppose to be Spring?

Winter Sale is happening now! February 03 2018

Winter is a great time to do a deep cleaning and redecorate your home. It's cold out and let's face it, you can only read so much or watch so much TV. Now is a great time to freshen up your kitchen and dining areas with some great new decor items.

For a limited time, save 20% on select Kitchen & Dining Room decor. Choose from our large selection of canisters, drinkware, salt and pepper shaker sets, paper towel holders, wall decor, baskets, signs, and more. 

From our family to yours, we wish you a safe and healthy winter season!

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Enter current discount code:  WINTERSALE20 during checkout when prompted. Discount code only works on products in the Sale category.

Celebrate Small Business Saturday on November 26th November 14 2016

It's that time of year again to show small businesses some love! Whether you're an online shopper or you prefer to personally shop inside your local storefronts, remember that small businesses make up a very large sector of our American economy. Behind those small businesses are your neighbors, your friends, and jobs for local communities. When small businesses succeed, your communities succeed so please support your locally-owned and operated small businesses. 

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Thank you for your business and continues support. 

Baubles-N-Bling & Staff

Autumn Sales Event October 14 2016

Fall is a time for planning family gatherings, outdoor festivals, bobbing for apples, Halloween costume parties, planning for family get-togethers, lots of cooking and baking, and of course, gift planning for the upcoming Christmas holiday gift-giving season. Let us help you with your gift selections, party planning, and Fall decor ideas. 

For a limited time, save 20% on select Thanksgiving and Autumn decorating ideas. Choose from our large selection of gift ideas, table decor, outdoor decor, and much, much more. 

From our family to yours, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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Enter current discount code: FALL20OFF during checkout when prompted to save today. 

Autumn Sales Event October 14 2014

  Sorry, this sale has ended. 

It's that time of year again! Spiced apples, pumpkin pies, planning for a turkey feast with family and the smells of home in the air. For a limited time, save 20% off select Fall and Thanksgiving merchandise. 

Don't forget to enter your savings code FALLSALE20% during checkout!

Make Thanksgiving dinner special with our Arte Italica dinnerware. Festive, collectible, and a great heirloom tradition to begin at your own holiday dinner table.

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Our staff would like to wish you and yours a wonderful Fall and Thanksgiving!

Welcome to the new and improved Baubles-N-Bling February 25 2014

Welcome to our new look! While the products, service, and overall presentation is still the same, we now have a great new shopping cart and checkout system that will not only improve your shopping experience but will also provide security and assurance of safety shopping with us. Your privacy is our top priority.

You'll also notice great visibility of our products, features that allow us to give you not only accurate product information regarding size, weight and shipping cost but also information to help you shop smarter.

We look forward to servicing you and hope you will find these new changes an improvement over our old system.

Thank you,
Baubles-N-Bling Owners & Staff

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