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Clothesline Rules Stitchery

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Vintage look embroidered in a wooden frame. Grandma would be so proud!
  • Wipe the line before hanging clothes.
  • Hang in order "whites with whites" and they are first.
  • Hang dark clothes inside out.... to minimize fading.
  • Hang socks by the toe.
  • Hang pants by the cuff.
  • Never hang shirts by the shoulders... always the tail.
  • Wash day on Monday... never on Sunday for Heaven's sake!
  • Hang sheets on the outside.... this will hide your unmentionables.
  • Temperature is not a problem.... clothes will freeze-dry.
  • Always gather clothespins... pins left on the line is tacky!
  • Be efficient... hand clothes close so each piece shares a clothespin with the next.
Cloth and wood. Hanger on the back. 

Dimensions: 17" H x 9" W x .75" D

Shipping weight: 2 lbs.

Limited quantity available.

Item#: 13134